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International Investors

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At All Invest Global we make it very easy for international customers to conveniently buy precious metals. We make it easy to setup a payment and ship directly to your door on the other side of the globe and give you our satisfaction guarantee with every order.

All Invest Global delivers physical gold and silver bullion coins and bars globally through fully insured international shipping services. We partner with Fed Ex, EMS, UPS, Brinks and Armaguard and ship into most countries. goldspotprice It is important to note that all customs and taxation issues remain the responsibility of the purchaser. We take the legal obligation of customs declaration seriously and as such will not change the description of contents or declared value of the shipment. Customers are responsible for any and all applicable customs, duties, taxes, or fees. Taxes may vary by item, country, region and province. Shipping may vary with metal type and quantity.

International orders normally ship within 8 - 11 international business days (Mon-Fri) after receipt of payment due to additional customs paperwork and Patriot Act compliance. Please be aware that average customs clearance times vary per country.

Easy Payment Setup

We accept United States Dollars (USD) as well as other currencies, and can easily and securely setup a wire transfer from your bank over the phone after you have placed your order online. International orders must be paid by bank wire or transfer. A short confirmation will be sent with directions to complete your order.

Vault Storage Options

Many international customers elect to forgo paying customs fees and duties by having their precious metals stored in segregated vault storage. With third party segregated vault storage accounts, All Invest Global Insiders always have the future option to elect for secure international delivery of their holdings. Locking in a sellback price on vault storage holdings is a convenient, secure phone call away.

Payment Security

A Verisign Seal means trust and security. Your wire transfer information is secure and is not shared with anyone else.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Regardless of where you live in the world, All Invest Global wants you to be 100% satisfied with your order.
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