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Gold hit a historic high of $1,920 per ounce in the international markets in September. "Consumers are buying gold in as much as a 30% to 40% increase in sales from September, and there has been a 50% rise in recycled gold in recent months."

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Data from the Hong Kong showed that China imported 85.7 tonnes of gold, up 50 percent from the previous month and up more than 40 times from October last year. It is the fourth consecutive month that China’s gold flows through Hong Kong have hit new highs.

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Gold shipments from Japan ended October totalling 95.6 tonnes, the world's third-largest economy, are at the highest level since at least 1985 as individuals who purchased jewellery more than 20 years ago are selling it amid record prices.

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The World Gold Council publishes third quarter gold demand increases of 6% year on year to 1,053.9 tonnes, worth a record US$57.7 billion. These results were driven by huge spikes in people investing in gold bullion which grew 33% on the back of increased demand and volatility.

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Russia Adds 19.5 Tonnes to Reserves in October Alone
February 23, 2015
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Market participants continue to be surprised by gold’s continuing weakness and some are even questioning gold’s safe haven status. However, the fundamentals of broad based global physical demand remain very sound as evidenced by the central bank gold buying data today. Russia bought 19.5 metric tons of gold in October bringing their total gold reserves to 871.1 tons according to IMF data released today.
Gold prices may reach $2,000
February 23, 2015
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Gold prices are likely to touch $2,000 by March, driven by the global economic crisis, while gold imports may reach 1,000 tonne, a seniorSocotiaMocatta official on Thursday said. The current US and the Euro zone crisis, he said, will keep the gold pricesbullish and they are likely to reach $2,000 an ounce in another 3-4 months. "People are losing faith in cash as load of the US currency can be printed," he said.
Central bank gold buying to rise from 142 to 450 tons
March 13, 2012
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Purchases of gold bullion by the central banks of the world will rise from 142 tons last year to 450 tons in 2011, predicts the World Gold Council. However, gold industry experts are still expecting a pull-back in gold prices as global equity markets fall sharply over the next two months as the eurozone crisis comes to a head. IMF data shows that the central banks of the world added a net 142 tons of bullion to their reserves last year.
Gold shines amidst a volatile Bullion market
March 13, 2012
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Depending on the part of the world, gold bullion prices are currently seeing some of their highest in recent weeks as well as some of the lowest in recent months. China and other developing nations have been encouraging citizens to buy and to hold physical gold, in forms ranging from jewelry and coins to bullion bars. China’s aggressive promotion has pushed Chinese consumer demand for gold up 25 percent overall this year – much higher than the seven percent global average.
Record Gold Hoard Spurs Bullish Bets From Traders
February 23, 2015
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Gold traders are more bullish after investors accumulated the biggest-ever hoard of the metal, with Europe’s deepening debt crisis driving them to protect their wealth with this year’s second-best performing commodity. Eighteen of 26 surveyed by Bloomberg expect bullion to rise next week. Holdings in exchange-traded products backed by gold reached a record 2,350.8 metric tons on Nov. 23, now valued at $127.6 billion.
Gold bullion sales make a mint
February 22, 2015
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It seems Canadians like buying gold, even when it’s a piece the size of a grain of sand. The Royal Canadian Mint’s plan to sell gold in $20 lots has been a resounding success. When it was first announced three weeks ago, Mint executive Steve Higgins expected to raise roughly $250 million. So far, according to a report, the Mint has already raised $600 million. Mint spokesperson Alex Reeves refused to confirm the whopping total. “We’re not commenting until the offering has closed,” said Reeves.
Gold Miners More Generous with Dividends
MFebruary 20, 2015
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Gold prices have made historic gains, but the performance of gold equities has not followed suit. In an attempt to become more attractive for gold investors, miners, both large and small, have grown more inclined to share their wealth through dividend payments. Gold mining companies haven’t always shown their current enthusiasm for cutting investors in on the profits

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