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Here are the many details that set All Invest Global apart.

All Invest Global is one of America's largest retailers of Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals. We
provide you with transparent pricing, a vast selection, unparalleled customer service, and timely
information and education.

Here’s why so many people are changing to All Invest Global.

All Invest Global
     Sourcing of product Authorized purchaser direct from world mints and refiners.
     Pricing Price listed online is price paid.
     Discounts Volume discounts.
     Spot pricing Spot pricing based on feed from exchange, updated every 10 minutes.
     Buy prices Buy prices posted online and real time on most products.

All Invest Global
     Number of choices Over 1,500 different items; thousands more when including numismatics.
     Examples Gold - 22 classifications of product; Silver - 18 classifications of product; Platinum – 14 classifications of product; Palladium – 16 classifications of product; plus numismatics.

All Invest Global
     Operating Hours 24/7.
     Purchasing times Includes weekends.
     Pricing Instantly available online.
     Pricing commitment You commit online, your price is locked.
     Source delivery To your doorstep.
     Storage Option Secure and private storage solution.

All Invest Global
     Testimonial Testimonials posted online.
     Customer surveys 94% - 95% of customers respond Yes to question: Will you refer friends and family to purchase product(s) from Pure Gold?

I highly encourage you to read the latest interview with Hugo Salinas Price. Mr Price is a retired billionaire who made his fortune via a chain of appliance stores in Mexico. He is also a tireless advocate of sound money. His plan to reintroduce silver as a competing currency in Mexico would make it the most sought after money in the world bar none. It is well worth your time to understand the details of how he proposes to do this.

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