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Chinese Panda Palladium Coins

99% Palladium Bullion Coins

In 1989, China struck its first Palladium Panda coin. The Chinese Palladium Pandas are legal-tender coins issued by the People's Bank of China. With a very limited mintage, the Palladium Chinese Panda coins are much more rare than their Gold or Silver counterparts.

Long before China became the top gold producer in the world, it made its mark in the precious metals market with the Panda coins. China's contribution differs from its competitors in two distinct ways -- the reverse design featuring the endangered panda bear changes annually, and second, each coin is minted as a limited edition. In 2001, the Chinese mint decided to freeze the design -- a decision which provoked a protest. Thus in 2003, it reverted to the policy of an annual design change. On the obverse, Beijing's Temple of Heaven is featured annually.

Chinese Gold Pandas celebrate one of that country's most prized symbols, the panda bear, on the front of the coin while the reverse side features the famous Temple of Heaven in Beijing, one of China's oldest Taoist temples. Unlike other bullion coins such as the American gold eagle & the Canadian gold maple leaf, Chinese panda coins are not issued in the millions. Many dates have an issuance of fifty-thousand pieces or fewer.
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