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Bermuda Sea Venture Palladium Coins

22 karat Gold Bullion Coins

The Bermuda Islands, was discovered in 1522 by a Spaniard named Juan de Bermudez, and some 100 years later, a second time by Sir George Sommers. The island group and made it into English possession. This Proof coin features a gorgeous rendition of the Sea Venture sailing ship.

This event brought the Bermuda Islands 1987, the Sea Venture-palladium coin on the market. The 1987 Bermuda Sea Venture 1oz Palladium Proof Coin was struck by the British Royal Mint in the year 1987.The Sea-Ventura coin is minted from one ounce of pure palladium. It would be hard to find a more attractive ship coin than this one.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabethy II and the reverse features a depiction of the ship (Sea Venture.) The Sea Venture was 17th century English ship that wrecked in Bermuda and is widely thought to have been the inspiration for Shakespeare's (The Tempest).

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