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500 gram Heraeus Palladium Bar

99.9% Palladium Bullion Bars

Palladium is approximately 15 times rarer than Gold, and was discovered in 1803. One of a group of six metals referred to as P.G.Mís (Platinum Group Metals), Palladium has many of the same uses as Platinum but at a lower price. Investor and industrial demand continues to grow as Palladium is well established and traded worldwide and bullion analysts believe Palladium could out perform Platinum.

Increasing use from auto industries is one factor driving the Palladium market since it is harder and more heat tolerant than Platinum. Applications for fuel cell technology also hold much promise and the last 12 months have seen increasing demand for Palladium jewellery. The metalís unique characteristics are becoming increasingly important as world wide pollution regulation get more stringent, making Palladium a large beneficiary from auto emission standards in coming years.

Benefits of 500 oz Heraeus Palladium Bar:

When you want to buy larger single units of palladium, palladium bars are the best option. Palladium coins have higher production costs than palladium bars, making bars a very attractive option when purchasing larger quantities of palladium.

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