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1oz Credit Suisse Platinum Bar

99.9% Platinum Bullion Bars

Platinum is relatively scarce even among the precious metals. As such, it tends to trade at higher per-unit prices. Both PAMP and Credit Suisse are private refiners located in Switzerland. They are well known for quality in the gold and silver bullion market. Platinum bars from both refiners come with a matching Assay certificate that guarantees the fineness and weight. The reverse of the platinum bar lists the weight and purity. Orders of 25 or more Silver bars come in the original outer box.

PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Metauz Precieux. PAMP offers a comprehensive range of gold and silver bullion bars - refined up to 99.9%, or even 99.99% purities - and available from 1-gram ingots to 400-ounce institutional bars. PAMP gold and silver bars are accepted as 'Good Delivery' in all major markets worldwide. All bars are subjected to rigorous inspections and weighing before packing and dispatch, as would be expected of the world's perfectionist in precious metals.

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