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1oz Baird & Co Platinum Bar

99.9% Platinum Bullion Bars

Manufactured by Baird & Co. in London, these Platinum bars are very high-quality Platinum products. Baird & Co. was established as a firm in 1967 dealing in numismatic gold coins of the world moving towards volume dealing in bullion gold as government restrictions eased in the 1970s.

Having been a major player for over thirty years in international markets for gold bullion coins, Baird & Co. can rightly claim to be experts in this field. Making a market in many of the more popular gold coins as well as stocking a wide range of the lesser known, including numismatic rarities, ensures that the company can always supply something of interest to even the most discerning collector or investor. Platinum is relatively scarce even among the precious metals. As such, it tends to trade at higher per-unit prices.

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