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100oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

99% Silver Bullion Coins

Analysts see silver as undervalued at its current price and has an excellent profit potential for those who enter in this market now. The Johnson Matthey 100 Oz Silver Bar has a lower premium over spot giving investors more silver per dollar. Johnson Matthey silver bullion products, due to their long history in the marketplace, have achieved an esteemed reputation among investors.

After being formed in the early nineteenth century, the Johnson and Matthey Corporation has grown to become a major British chemical company and a world leader in precious metals distribution.

Benefits of American Eagle

The Johnson Matthey 100 Oz Silver Bar has its world reknown hallmark, .999 purity, and 100 ounce content stamped directly on the bar. Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are coveted worldwide making them highly liquid and recognizable bars. Johnson Matthey bars have a very low premium above the spot price of gold; they are therefore the best way of investing into physical investment metal. The 100 oz Silver Bar is a very cost effective silver investment vehicle and store of value.

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