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Pre 1933 US Coins

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Pre 1933 US Coins
The U.S. Mint issued its first Gold coins in 1795. During the height of the Great Depression in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt made it illegal for American citizens to have Gold. He ordered all Gold coins be returned to the U.S. Treasury, where millions were melted into Gold bars.

These federal government's recalls and meltdowns made these previously common Gold coins very rare. Today, the surviving pre-1933 Gold U.S. coins are fixed at an extremely limited supply. This fact has made pre-1933 Gold coins some of the most desirable items among collectors and investors. All Invest Global is proud to offer a good selection of these harder-to-find classic coins.
Product Name
Item Description
Liberty Seated Half Dollars
1850-O 50c PCGS/CAC MS65
Silver Commemoratives Panama Pacific
1915-S 50c NGC/CAC MS67
Buffalo Nickel
1920-S 5c NGC MS65
Seated Half Dollars
1874 50c PCGS Secure/CAC Proof
Barber Quarter
1915 25c PCGS/CAC Proof 67
Bust Dollar
1795 $1 PCGS AU50
Silver Commemoratives Boone
1937 Boone 50c PCGS/CAC MS68
Buffalo Nikel
1923-S 5c NGC MS66
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1921-D 50c PCGS/CAC MS64
Liberty Seated Quarter
1878-S 25c NGC MS65
Liberty Seated Quarter
1878-S 25c NGC MS65
Buffalo Nickel
1926-S 5c PCGS MS64
Buffalo Nickel
1914-S 5c NGC MS67
Trade Dollars (Proof)
1879 Trade$ NGC Proof 67 Cameo
Standing Liberty Quarter
1917 25c PCGS MS67+ FH (Type 1)
Shield Nickel
1883/2 5c NGC/CAC MS67
Seated Quarter (Proof)
1859 25c PCGS/CAC Proof 66 Cameo
Lincoln Cent
1920 1c PCGS/CAC MS67 RD
Lincoln Cent
1914-D 1c PCGS/CAC MS65 RD
Morgan Dollar
1896-S $1 PCGS/CAC MS65+
Standing Liberty Quarter
1919-S 25c NGC MS65 FH
Lincoln Cent
1928-S 1c PCGS MS66 RD
Buffalo Nickel
1926-S 5c PCGS/CAC MS64+
Bust Dime
1829 10c PCGS/CAC MS67
Standing Liberty Quarters
1917-D 25c NGC/CAC MS68 FH
Standing Liberty Quarter
1918-S 25c NGC MS67 FH
$5 Liberty Gold (Proof)
1906 $5 PCGS/CAC Proof 65 Cameo
Liberty Seated Half Dollar
1878-S 50c PCGS F15
$10 Indian Gold
1910-S $10 NGC MS65
Buffalo Nickel
1937-D 5c PCGS MS66 (3 Legged)
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